Group chats are a super convenient way for related people to communicate easily together, be they a family, some friends, a sports team or just a bunch of people that like the same TV show. Things can go wrong from time to time though: one annoying person using it as their own personal diary, setting off constant unnecessary notifications, two people taking away with long and boring private conversations or silent members who don’t contribute anything and don’t even belong in there.

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Imagine Bobby’s surprise when he suddenly found himself thrust in the middle of a family’s most special moment. Zachary and Sierra Garratt were preparing to give birth to their third child, so Zachary made a group to share the precious experience with those nearest and dearest. It turns out that Zachary’s grandmother, who he hilariously calls ‘Meemaw,’ had accidentally added Bobby, who coincidentally shares Zachary’s previous number from before he joined the Air Force.

After receiving a few messages back and forth between Meemaw and Zach, Bobby had to make a decision. Quietly remove himself from this group which he obviously does not belong in, or alert the family to their mistake and make his presence known.

He chose the latter.

Zachary shared the wholesome exchange on his Facebook wall, where it has since gone viral with over 43k shares. Everyone loves a bit of good news!

“All of us were amazed how much everyone enjoyed the story,” Zachary told Romper. “We’ve gotten so many comments from people congratulating us on little Layla. And thanking Bobby for being such a good person! I saw a lot of people say it gave them faith in humanity.”

Amazingly, random people have been donating to Zach’s cashapp since the whole thing blew up, leading some cynics to question the whole thing. “People have sent money,” his wife Sierra said. “Whatever extra donations we’ve gotten, we’re giving back to Bobby and his family. We didn’t expect it to get big.”

To finish off a lovely story, these randomly connected strangers are hoping to get together when Zach goes home for Thanksgiving. What do you think? Have you had an unexpected and uplifting connection with a stranger recently? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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