Let me tell you a story. Story about little bear and people with big hearts.

Once upon a time in a land far far away in Eastern Europe Bieszczady mountains lived a bear mother with her little baby bear. One day something terrible happened, the bear mother did not return to her baby. Two months old bear cub wandering through the forest was spotted by a man who alerted nearby forester station. There was no sign of mother bear and the baby bear was so weak and hungry that it could barely stand on its paws.

There was no chance that the cub could survive alone in the wild without a mother and there was no sign of her, so foresters from “State Forests” decided to capture the little bear. After the medical examination, the she-bear cub was taken to Rehabilitation Center of Protected Animals in Przemyśl Rehabilitation Centre of Protected Animals. There, dr. Andrzej Fedaczyński with his son Radoslaw Fedaczyński together with Jakub Kotwicz and the whole crew took good care of her.

These wonderful people who have been helping animals, wild and domestic for years, have not only dogs and cats, but also storks, deer, eagles, owls, wolves, foxes, otters, squirrels, hedgehogs, jays and even pigeons. They help all kinds of animals, saying that you do not choose the patient and every living creature deserves a rescue.

The little bear was given the name “Cisna”. The doctors fought hard to keep her alive and soon she began to eat and grew stronger. They were taking night shifts to feed the cub every few hours and put on a mask on their faces during feeding not to scare Cisna because she was not accustomed to the sight of man.

Everyone hoped that bear will return to the wild when she grow up a little, back to the forest in Bieszczady hills.

It soon turned out, however, that there is no center in Poland that is capable of dealing with such a small bear and bring it up in such a way that it could be restored to the wildlife.

After consulting the experts, Directorate of Environmental Protection decided that the bear would go to the Poznan Zoo.

On the day when Cisna was leaving for Poznan, dr. Radosław was crying like a baby, and he promised himself and Cisna that he would build a center for wild animals so that no other bear could be sentenced to a zoo.

This story ended well. Cisna in Poznan Zoo grows healthy accompanied by dog Bari, because bear cubs do not tolerate loneliness and need a companion to play with. She grown up and got bigger and it looks like she’s happy as much as possible in Zoo terms.

Dr. Radosław did not forget about the promise and he wants to build shelter “Emergency for bears” The plan is to create a place where bears are not only treated but also taught how to survive so they can be released to the natural habitat. It’s not that easy task though. For the construction of this shelter 170 000 of Euros is needed.

If you want to help build this shelter please consider buying a teddy bear, 100 euros from the sale of each teddy will be transferred to the account of the Rehabilitation Center for Protected Animals in Przemysl. 

If you want to help by transferring some money, check out the link below.

There are about 150 bears in Bieszczady. We cannot afford to lose any of them.

More info: ssl.dotpay.pl | Etsy

Bear Cisna in Poznan zoo

First study. dr. Andrzej Fedaczyński

Cisna and her dog friend Bari

Doctor Radosław says goodbye to the little bear

Buying a teddy bear, you help save the bears in the Bieszczady mountains

Fundraising for the shelter “Emergency for bears”

Cisna goes to the zoo

Little hunger

Drinks milk

Cisna in zoo

Movie from the rescue action