This is my Endless Book Project — a big panorama about outer space, chocolate cookies, dreams of interstellar flight, coffee, cupcakes and meeting with aliens.

As a still life photographer I always try to find something interesting and adventurous in everyday objects. This time I found that a sparkler looks pretty much like supernova, a donut can be a center of a little star system and all my missing cookies must be stolen by aliens.

I had been making one image per week, so it took me a year to finish the whole panorama. Since each illustration flows smoothly into the next one it can be continued. This means that there’s no end to cookies :)

More info:


Donut System

Spilled Stars

Supernova on my plate

Map-marked stars

Galactic Delivery Service

UFO Logbook

Tea With UFO

From The Sun To Betelgeuse

Don’t panic!

Betelgeuse Travel Corp

Puff Pastry With Stardust

Sugar Nebula

Late Guests

Back To Earth