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The Diary Of My Period Baby
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The Diary Of My Period Baby

One drop of experiment and I realize the beauty of the pain, the value of the period, fertilizing my whole being. The periodic elimination of my ovum with my menstrual flow inspired me to give birth to something which has a biological

The periodic elimination of my ovum with my menstrual flow inspired me to give birth to something which has a biological end, and to create the start of the end.

Tools: tampon, fingers. Materials/substances: menstrual flow, canvas. Duration: 9 months.

More info:

Month 1

More than 50 shades of red, and the continuous transformation of it, reaching a fragile color palette with that innocent attitude.

Month 2

Month 3

“I’m a bit shy…don’t expect to see my genital…don’t have expectations at all. Just accept me independently from my sexual orientation, my skin tone or my religious views…”

Month 4

The value of the period turns into some strange shape, and the drop gets larger and larger, reserving the whole canvas residency…

Month 5

“Look at this simple canvas, the comfortable womb of mine, which makes me stay so long, maybe forever…”

Month 6

Another month… and the invasion of the drops rapes the virgin surface of the canvas.

Month 7

What’s in your mind? Curiosity? Admiration? Disgust? Too many thoughts? Nothing at all? Maybe the same essential substance that you can see here outlining my head shape…

Month 8

“I can feel the tension and your unpleasant pain, but I’m looking forward to be born, to be the start of your end…”

Month 9

“The last month, and there’s no chance to be lost…”

When an ‘ovum dies’ an artwork is born

“I have no preconceptions, no expectations, but I know I have a mission, even if I can’t see, talk or breathe, but you can see, talk, and even breathe instead of me too…”

The organic connection between the artwork and the artist

The maternal instinct… the newborn… the essence.

The special tool and the special substance

Feeling complete

My first self-portrait masterpiece of menstrual flow.


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