We are a family workshop “Art Brothers” and we have been manufacturing stained glass pictures and and jewelry for more than five years.

We are big fans of an iron man, so we decided to make it a stained glass “copy”

The picture is made in stained glass technique of Tiffany. This is completely manual work. Every detail was cut by us (manual cutting with a glass cutter and biting off excess parts with pliers) and processed (grinding machine) by hand in our stained glass workshop. All the details were welded together by tin.

Due to the large number of details and high level of detail, the picture was made more than a month. We spent a large amount of colored decorative glass, 115 meters of copper foil and 1.95 kg of tin. The picture consists of 452 details. We used more than 10 kinds of glass of different colors, texture and transparency level.

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Stained Glass Iron Man

Picture in a steel frame

The process of work. Soldering.

Picture with LED-backlight

Picture with LED-backlight

Photo in the interior

Stained glass is preparing to be sent to New York