Today, it is March 25th 2020. We are in the middle of the Coronavirus Pandemic. I needed a break. I needed to get out of my home and away from social media. I needed to forget that outside my doors, in my city, in cities around the globe, many people are sick. Many people are dying. I am stressing, hoping that this virus does not come knocking on my door, wanting to infect my children, my husband, myself. So we went for a walk through Ojibway Nature Center and Park. It is my sanctuary. It is the place I go to when the world’s troubles are getting to be too much. It is the place I go to , to reset.

Spring has arrived in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. I needed to record it, before our government brings in legislation that will force us to stay home.

I hope that these few photos will bring to your world a sense that we will, as a global community, weather the storm. One day life as we knew it, will be the norm again. We are all in this together.

OMG Ethel…….Really?

Oh the sun…… feels so warm

Whatcha lookin’ at?