Hello. I’m from Germany. I already worked as a freelance graphic artist when the wall was still standing. And I also worked for Germany’s oldest professional children’s and youth theatre, the “Theater der Jungen Welt”. I guess I never really grew up myself?

Childhood. An irreplaceable treasure that must be preserved. Now I have two sweet children of my own. Children learn above all with their hearts. And they still see the world in pictures. Just like animals. And a world without animals – as a trained shepherd – I couldn’t imagine anyway. Our dog Lui is waving his whole body at me when I read this sentence to him. Which might mean so much that he agrees with me? With my work, I also want to set something with claim and level against the garbage, which the children are exposed to today. And thus take away their fear of dusty attics. To teach them respect for all – even disgusting animals.

It took me about half a year to develop the two cute figures – Loo & Boo. My two very critical children immediately took them into their hearts. The most important critics – my own children – were completely convinced by the project. My son, who lends his voice to the sweet spider and the cute boo, has gained a lot of self-confidence through the project, which he does not take for granted. His English has also improved.

My goal is to reach the hearts of both young and old. The two main actors couldn’t be more different. And yet they can build on one of the most important foundations and master their tasks. To true friendship. They will fly to the moon, visit the cloud machine, meet many other animals or help them. Even with the unknown being, man, they will make friends. And thus overcome their own fears.

I hope and wish you all out there that you have as much fun with the project as my family and our friends. Because it takes an infinite amount of time, days and nights to make a few seconds of film. But in the end, you’re just happy and looking forward to the next part.

You can also visit Spider Loo & Boo on Facebook. Paint pictures and publish them there. I would be very happy for your opinions and suggestions.

More info: youtube.com

Can I do that too?

I am a ninja spider

I’m the cutest spider in the world. I say!

Friends? Best friends!

Oh – it’s Christmas

Spider Loo & Boo – Christmas tree