I have a passion for developing surreal and conceptual themed artworks that capture very literal interpretations of common language expressions or emotions. It lets me explore and share the personal connection and understanding I have of myself, the world and those around me.

I may be a full time graphic designer but I still find the time in my free moments to create personal digital artworks which use a variety of methods I’m constantly exploring and developing such as photography, photo manipulation and digital painting.

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Umbrella melancholy

A visual explanation of what extreme sorrow feels like. Your world is turned on its head, literally upside down, and you are left very disturbed by your own sadness and the feeling that there is something wrong and missing from the world around you which leaves you more mournful than before.

Complexity in a jaded world

Exploring the literal visual interpretations of the familiar idiomatic expressions “Sometimes It’s as if I’m speaking to to a brick wall”.

Free falling dream

The dream of falling many of us have just before we wake.

Light redemption

Clockwork orange

The violent nature of humans always going to war and letting our inner demons of greed and lust drive us to the desolation of free will as a solution and justification for further evil and violence.

Forlorn aspiration

Cube awakening

Seperation of state

The space we as humans occupy, nature and civilisation in conflict within each and every one of us as the ideal modern life we live verse the natural wonder of the world from where we have come from and still strive to spend our time.

If there is a human space we live in, most of us see it as the modern civilisation which in turn suggests that humans are not a part of nature. This conundrum then dictates everything – not only how humans might abuse, control or master nature but thwart one’s attempts to help, heal, or save nature and ourselves.

How then should one envision humanity’s place in the natural world? I’m not sure, but it surely starts with the simple premise that humanity is capable of some awe inspiring wonders and equally horrific crimes against each other in the world we live in.

Entropic misadventure

To have your head in the clouds and surrender your body to whatever may come; to separate yourself from the world around you either through conscience choice or by accident by head trauma.

Forever lost

Death becomes her.

Atlas helix

Hope floats away

When darkness falls, hope floats away stolen on a cold midnight breeze.

Wistful abandonment

Music is where my dearest and brightest dreams have ranged — to hear for the duration of a heartbeat the universe and the totality of life in its mysterious, innate harmony. Now abandoned yet yearned for.

Cemetery in my mind

What is death but an accumulation of knowledge put to rest. Most knowledge is written down but is still in the mind hence a library inside a person. On one hand it is the end for that person but on the other ever lasting life through the written words.

And the storm broke

The title sums the artwork: And the storm broke, rendering the sky asunder.

Distance is darkness

Distance is darkness, life keeping pace with time for a moment and in this moment hope dreams of eternal life free of time but the sad reality is there may be no life after death, bodies return to the earth and only our dreams will live on.

Type character