At this point no one’s surprised to see Piers Morgan in the news, being dragged for one inappropriate comment or another. We’ve already seen him getting blasted for criticizing Daniel Craig. And criticizing is putting it softly, as Morgan went out of his way to mock James Bond himself for carrying his daughter in a baby carrier, stating that it’s ’emasculating’. And before that drama subsided he managed to slip right into another, taking a shot at David Beckham. Piers Morgan called the football star creepy for kissing his daughter, and people weren’t exactly on his side. This time the TV personality turned his head not to a single person, but to an entire group of people.

It’s no surprise that Piers Morgan is being blasted for his comments yet again

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The 53-year-old TV personality recently expressed a controversial opinion regarding mental health awareness and celebrities. He shared an article agreeing with Beverley Callard’s comments about mental illness becoming ‘fashionable’ and that famous people are promoting this idea to their fans.

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Morgan’s tweet didn’t go unnoticed as many people replied, with comments varying from complete disagreement to some defending the TV presenter to an extent. However, one person decided to be very vocal and very clear about her stance on the matter. Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner went on a tweet spree to voice what dangers such comments on mental health might present.

Sophie Turner disagreed with Morgan’s comment in a Twitter thread

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Piers, of course, replied in a ‘Piers Morgan’ way

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Image credits: piersmorgan

Sophie decided to go on and make her stance clear

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Image credits: SophieT

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Turner pointed out that celebrities using their status and promoting mental health awareness to their fans is no joking matter and expressed her belief that only people unaware of the struggles that those with depression go through would make fun of it. She also encouraged fans to share their experiences and keep the dialogue regarding mental health going, adding that people who are suffering are not alone and they have support.

Image credits: piersmorgan

Image credits: piersmorgan

Of course, Piers couldn’t resist replying once more, trying to clarify his stance on the matter. Unfortunately, it seems like in his eyes only Piers Morgan can judge which people are genuinely suffering and which are just ‘shirking reponsibility for normal life challenges’.

Some people went on to agree and thank Sophie for being a voice of reason in the conversation

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However, other people had reservations regarding Sophie’s words

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