Following a health concern involving his son, Adrian Murray made it his mission to capture his children’s beautiful childhood memories through his lens.

Adrian Murray’s beautiful portrait photography tells a story of childhood that all of us can relate to. His nostalgic photo ideas remind us of our own childhoods and the storybooks we used to read while growing up.

Adrian and his wife Michelle woke up one morning to find their 10-month-old baby boy unresponsive in his crib – a nightmare for any parent to go through. Emerson was rushed to the hospital. Three days and several tests later, there were no answers, only for it the issue to happen again days later. Emerson was put on anti-seizure medication. With this unfortunate event, Adrian was reminded of how mortal we all are, including our children. Adrian felt compelled to record his family through beautiful pictures.

Today, Emerson is doing just fine and has even become an older brother. After a year of medication, new tests were done, and he has recently been cleared from needing medication.

The professional photographer enhances his images with Lightroom software and doesn’t compose images. He prefers to shoot his children photography works with his Canon 6D paired with a Canon 135L.

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