Anybody who lives in a tiny apartment will know that space is something to cherish, and if there’s one thing that takes up a LOT of space, it’s furniture. Unless you own furniture designed by Jongha Choi that is.

Take a look at the pictures below to see what we mean. The Korean furniture designer has come up with an innovative way to maximize your small spaces while also providing your walls with some awesome 2D room decor. The benches, stools, and folding tables are part of a collection called De-Dimension, and as you can see in the video, the concept is both super simple yet also super practical. The handy hinges allow you to fold the furniture down into (almost) 2D objects, which can then be hung on your wall as interior design pieces or conveniently stored out of the way. Jongha told Bored Panda that he figured out the folding mechanism by “researching pop-up books and mechanical movement. It took quite a long time, and it was a long process.” They’re perfect for parties, but they’re also great for those times when you simply want to dance around your tiny house without tripping over the furniture.

More info: Jongha Choi