Slacktivism: the act of showing support for a cause but only truly being beneficial to the egos of people participating in this so-called activism.

I’d noticed how much social media has influenced people jumping on the band wagon of whatever is hot right now and wanted to somehow represent this in an artwork.

I came across the word Slacktivism, and well.. This pretty much summed up what I wanted to paint. This is a recent painting I finished painted with Spray Cans and Brush Live in Sydney Australia.

I also always have a rough idea of what I’m trying to say or what imagery I want within the picture and freestyle it from there. Video of this artwork will be up in December.

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Slacktivism – painted with Spray Cans and Brush Live in Sydney, Australia

I made it to the paper – excuse the awkward hands

I also freestyle a majority of my artworks