I’m a designer, a decorator from Russia, but I have no education besides high school. I learned everything on my own, practicing. I’m not a professional woodworker.

I always get inspiration from the world around me. Especially now, when I live and work in one of the most beautiful places on earth – the Altai Republic, Russia. I am inspired by natural materials, and I also love a ceramic mosaic. I’ve been combining the materials in my projects for many years, but never before slab wood and ceramics.

I like to do what no one did before me, I like complex and challenging projects.

My hands are my Art Studio. I don’t have any space or office where I carry out my projects. I work directly on the site. My “studio” is very mobile because if I take my hands, the “studio” can easily move to another city or country. All necessary tools, materials, and equipment I can rent or buy everywhere in the world. This makes me very happy because I wish to travel, give a workshop and do cool projects in different countries.