I’m a Hungarian watercolor artist, and being fortunate enough to travel often (mostly to Greece) I capture beautiful places in my Moleskine sketchbook.

It started as a sketchbook for larger painting ideas, but then I discovered the advantages of the compact size and shape. Soon it became my constant companion when I traveled and I use it for Plein air watercolor paintings. When I’m ready I just close it up, having a new tiny painting and memory from another place. I call this unique art series “Foldable landscapes”.

My next exciting places to visit and to paint will be in Italy and the Bahamas. Until then, here are some of the beautiful views I’ve captured.

More info: lilischuch.wix.com

Approaching storm in Keramidi (Greece)

Landscape with the Meteora rocks in the distance

Meteora rocks (Greece)

Beach bar in Greece

Skiathos island (Greece)

Hills of Trikala (Central Greece)

Quiet beach in Pelion (Greece)

Lake Balaton (Hungary)

Up at the Meteora rocks (Greece)

Mine lake in Hungary

Late afternoon shadows in Trikala

Landscape with an old house and a modern hotel (Greece)