On this day 6 years ago (2011) we landed in Afghanistan.

These are some of the photos I took on OPERATION HERRICK 13/14 whilst in Kabul working as a Multiple 2ic within Souter Force Protection and Transport Company.

I really enjoyed my time out there. It was hard work at times but I got to see some amazing things experience some good and bad things and captured some great pictures out there.

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Heading down one of the main streets of Kabul

Inside Tajbec Palace

On Patrol

Patrolling through the farmers fields

Chilling with the local kids

Taking a nap during a break

Sitting down with the kids

In a ditch

One of the Military Working Dogs and his Handler


The dog doing some training

The local children come to say hello

In the winter the locals sold popcorn in the summer it was ice cream

It snowed heavily in Kabul during the winter

We were always greeted with a smile

A shop front down a street on the outskirts of Kabul

Locals selling Potatoes

A Afghan National Policeman

I like this picture. The man saw me and cracked a toothless grin!

I like the contrast of the girl in the red dress against the drab background