Just last month, Apple released yet another commercial full of stunning videos, all purportedly “shot on iPhone.” YouTube tech blogger Marques Brownlee thought it looked a little too good to be true, and once he stopped to read the fine print at the end of the ad, the investigation was open.

In a video released on his YouTube channel as part of his Dope Tech series, Brownlee looks into the small caption under the “shot on iPhone” title card that reads “additional equipment and software used” – a pretty smooth way of saying that a whole lot more than just an iPhone was used to produce those videos. Though our fantasies of shooting cinematic landscapes with only a smartphone and a steady hand were shattered, Brownlee went on to explain that the tech behind them is more accessible than one would think.

From attachable external lenses to handheld ‘cranes’ which hold and stabilize your phone as you move, there are tons of exciting new gadgets available to help you take your phone photography and video game up a huge step. Who knows, you might even make it on to the next “shot on iPhone (with a little help)” commercial. Check it all out below!

(h/t: PetaPixel)