Life isn’t fair for short people – you can never reach the top shelf, you have to sit on a pillow just to see the road driving and buying pants unless from the kid’s section, is a total nightmare. Oh, and there’s also another common problem – seeing up people’s nostrils all the time. In solace, we’ve found a baby bunny who has the same everyday problems as us lacking in height. Koron the cute bunny, who’s living in Japan, knows precisely what it feels like being short. His owner captured a few photos of how the pet bunny slumped down in the car after trying (and failing) to catch a glimpse of the outside world.

Even the cozy pillow provided as a booster wasn’t enough for the little guy. Judging by his owner’s Twitter, however, he still gets plenty of time to explore the world anyway! Check out the adorable bunny dealing with short people problems to brighten up your day!

More info: Twitter (h/t: rocketnews)