Two years ago I was working in a private zoo in the Netherlands, spending more time with animals than with humans.

And then I started to read about the animals, trying to understand them better and at that point, I did my first anatomy painting of a rat. It was very unprofessional first step to the very important road.

In a half a year I already had more than 10 paintings and my technique became better. In spite of the fact that all my friends and my relatives were thinking that my hobby is a nonsense, I decided to give it a try and to open an Etsy shop. And what you think? I sold my first painting in 2 weeks!

Now my Anatomy shop OssuariumFloreus is 1 year old and I sell not only painting, but also prints, stickers, temporary tattoos and postcards. I had almost 200 sales and a lot of happy customers, who love or work with animals.

If it’s possible to have successful Anatomy Art shop, then maybe it’s time to share your hobby with the world? It’s not a reason to stop if you don’t get support from your friends – world is big and you just need to open yourself to it!

Find something that you love and do it every day and eventually the world will change.

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First painting of Rat Skeleton

Anatomy and Flowers

Progress in technique – painting in a half a year

My collection of Anatomy Stickers

Anatomy Postcard

Anatomy and Flowers

My shop offers a special gift for a special person