I spent my childhood mostly at the seaside. I love everything what is related to the “big water” in any way. I used to spend many hours in harbors watching big ships coming and going out to the sea, getting loaded, unloaded, restored, or being built from the very beginning. I was so much inspired that after many many years I’ve decided to do a little project about ships.

Those giants from steel, unfortunately, are not made to last forever. Their life also comes to an end. After many years of service ships die just like we do. Some of them are dying alone somewhere at the shore, some of them are cut to pieces and recycled. Using imagination and modern digital equipment I have made these visions to show you ships and their wrecks in another light. More mysterious, moody, and haunting.

Fishing boat

Wreck 1

Wreck 2


Wreck 3

Wreck 4

Toxic Ship