When Karina met Alexander she instantly knew there is something very special about him. Alexander above all is smart, intelligent and sweet little boy who just happened not to have found his family yet. Or rather, his family hasn’t found him yet.

This little talented boy who is 6 years old (2018) has been living in an orphanage in Latvia, Europe since he was born.

But he got something that draw Karina’s attention- Alexander has numerous talents – he draws tameless characters and he creates tales about them. So far he has created the horse, the giraffes, the Black Princess and the Three Friends.

Karina was mesmerised by Alexander’s work and she got the idea that this should be shown to wider audience. She herself is a seamstress so she went for the territory she knows best- sewing garments for entire family with Alexander’s drawings.

Every T-shirt or dress is handmade and every drawing is silkscreened by hand.

And the thing is that all benefits from sales are directed towards Alexander’s education and health improvement expenses.

By purchasing any of garments created by this rather joyful team of Karina and Alexander you are joining the friends club of this sweet young man.

Once again faith in humanity restored.

You may drop a line of support and encouragement or purchase your very own garment by following these links.

More info: Etsy | Facebook

The Black Princess and a happy kid. Alexander, is it you?

Image credits: www.etsy.com

Yes, a 6 year old draw this.

Image credits: www.etsy.com

Every garment is hand made from start to finish.

The horse, one of first Alexander’s drawings. Total cuteness.

Image credits: www.etsy.com

The horse, for sure, comes in green, red and black colours.

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It is a family thing!

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Helping the little ones to keep on dreaming.

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