My story of Seymour really began, with cactus wrens, and tub of worms my gecko would not eat. I tossed the worms out to my local cactus wrens that happened to be by my bird feeder. After a lot of worms and several more visits, the wrens adopted me as the worm lady and have become visiting wren friends for the last two years. They will land in my hand when called out of the desert!

So, one day a roadrunner happened to wander into my yard, and being a woman of many worms, tossed a few to the visiting roadrunner. This roadrunner decided that if he could get worms once, that surely, if he visited again, he would get more!!!! So for the last three months, Seymour, so named, comes for a daily snack. We started calling him Seymour on his second visit. He truly knows his name because if he can hear me when I call him, he comes running! Some mornings, I can hear him crying for me and I have to go out and let him know I am around. He will follow me around my yard, as I hunt for others bugs, just to spice up his diet! He particularly likes the roaches I have found under layers of rocks and crickets are also on the top of his list.

My fondness has grown for this adorable bird, so I decided to start a portrait of him, which I showed him during one of his visits. Seymour stopped and checked out the drawing in a very funny and engaging way. I hope he likes it when I’ve finished it!

Seymour is checking out his portrait!