I create original artworks hand-cut from ultra-fine woven stainless steel, copper and brass. It is this contrast between the beauty and fragility of the natural world created and reflected in industrial man-made materials that inspires me.

My work is also very much inspired by the forms and rhythms of nature and a desire to capture its beauty and hold it in time. I am very interested in capturing a sense of movement in my work but, at the same time, by pinning each leaf or seed, I am controlling and holding each element in stillness. The contrast between subject matter and materials is also an important theme for me in reflecting the contrasts of strength and fragility – for example, a translucent butterfly wing created in stainless steel, an industrial material.

I have always been interested in working in translucent materials and being able to create many layers within my pieces and that is why I was so attracted to woven metal. My background as a jewellery designer made it a perfect choice for me. The material itself is a joy to work with – I am able to cut, colour and form it. It looks different every time I work with it. When the pieces are finished and hung, they take on a life of their own, creating shadows and highlights that continue the sense of movement within my work.

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