Irina and Vladislav, a married couple from Krasnoyarsk, Russsia, are living in the heart of Siberia. Their family business is recreating ethnic musical instruments of this area — drums known as ritual means of communicating with spirits of ancestors. GOLAVABUKA, Irina and Vladislav's brand, uses only natural materials: genuine leather of goats, birch wood, metal, hard cords to tighten leather. The making process is in the strong hands of Vladislav. All concerning painting, polishing and PR are the tasks of Irina. Ornamental decor and patterns are as amazing and unique as the instruments: there are many ancient prehistoric symbols, images from Stone Age caves, realistic pictures of animals painted manually.

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Such drums used to be magical objects in powerful hands of shamans. Now they may become your favourite wall decoration, or serve their main purpose one day if you believe in it...

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