I am a local photographer near San Antonio, Texas. I have been a photographer for over 9 years and this year, I decided to start a Brand Ambassador program. I have a great group of girls who model for me and help me bring my creative ideas to life! Every session, I either buy or make the costumes and bring it all to life with the help of props and photo shoots. My daughter often helps as well she is the archer and the clown!

I love my job and getting to do out of the box, creative shoots helps me stay fresh and really love what I do. While I specialize in newborn photography, it’s important that my clients see the other side of my work.

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. Our family always dresses up and often in family costumes. This year, we are taking circus-themed family photos and it inspired one of the creative shoots I did with the girls who play a ringmaster, a contortionist, and a clown.

I am very lucky to have these amazing girls who chose to be brand ambassadors. They are always prepared for whatever crazy ideas or poses I might have in mind for them. Being a brand ambassador is free and just another way for Ohana Photography to give back and have some fun!

You can find more photos on my Facebook page. 

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Ringmaster (age 13), contortionist (age 8), clown (age 6)

Scarecrow, age 4

Snow queen, age 8

Owl princess, age 8

Contortionist, age 8

Clown, age 6

Phoenix, age 15

Phoenix, age 15

Archer, age 6