Two days ago a well-known actor Dwayne Johnson has celebrated his 48th birthday. The actor is currently in self-isolation, so he’s unable to commemorate this occasion with a party surrounded by family and friends. However, warmest greetings have flooded social media. As per usual, Ryan Reynolds had the wittiest one.

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On his Instagram account, Reynolds shared a behind the scenes photo of the upcoming movies called Red Notice where both he and Dwayne are co-starring. The movie was intended to come out in 2020 however, the production was halted due to the pandemic. Ryan took the opportunity to joke about delayed production of the movie and wished happy birthday to his “Bubba”.

Image credits: VancityReynolds

However, most attention gathered his tweet posted for The Rock’s birthday, in which he said that Dwayne “have gone through puberty in the womb” but added that he has a “heart of solid gold”. As per usual, Ryan was funny yet wholesome with his birthday wishes to his pal.

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