We made an industrial coffee table, customised accordingly to our huge couch so that everyone sitting would have their own place to set a drink down on a table.

The process wasn’t easy, but it was all worth it.

Finished table, after a week long process

Made it custom, pretty big size considering its 6×3 but it was designed based on our couch and layout. Now everyone sitting will have their own place to set a drink down on a table.

Fully welded steel frame

1.5in square tubing all welded, welds cleaned and ground down.

Reclaimed barn wood

Picked up 100 year old barn wood, definitely a challenging one for working with epoxy.

Frame setup

After I had my frame powdered in the oil rubbed bronze, delivered it to my house and set it up.

Table top assembled

All the barn wood glued and screwed into a sheet of plywood to keep everything nice and straight.

Epoxy process

One of the many coats curing.

Epoxy process

Table top fully sanded and all edges evened out and rounded. Prepping for final flood coat.

Epoxy process

Fully finished flood coat curing before I take it home to install.