If you like sweet and spicy gingerbread then these engraved rolling pins are created for you! This piece of kitchenware allows easily and quickly make beautiful treat for the whole family — what can be better?

Meet the works by the Russian studio Texturra: each rolling pin has its own pattern — from a neutral one like flowers to seasonal, festive or individually designed. The studio also provides a recipe of perfect cookie bakery dough! So cook and enjoy :)

Cookie Recipe Dough

You need:

– 230 g of butter;

– 170 g of powdered sugar;

– 1 egg;

– 1–2 tsp of vanilla extract and/or almond (if you wish);

– salt on a tip of a tsp

– 400–440 g of flour.

Chop the butter and mix it with powdered sugar. Add an egg, vanilla, almond and salt. Put flour constantly folding the mixture.

Put the dough in a fridge for 30 minutes. Flatten the dough in a 5–8 mm layer. Put some flour on it so a rolling pin wouldn’t stick to it.

Use a carved rolling pin placing it slowly and evenly. Carve cookies and put them on a baking pan (w/o butter or oil). Bake for 7–9 min in a heated oven at 200 degrees. Cookies are done when they become golden on the top.

More info: livemaster.com