The Red Dot is a mysterious creature that sleeps during the day and wakes up after sunset. It’s afraid of the light and thrives in shadows and dark corners. It’s unpredictable, exciting and almost impossible for us to catch. Any kitty who’s attempted the capture the Red Dot, knows that it is full of surprises. It will randomly show up on your carpet, run around the couch, crawl up the wall and sometimes fly onto the ceiling. It’s nowhere and everywhere at the same time! Cats and Red Dots have a special love-hate relationship that’s hard to describe in words. The Red Dot is evil, yet so loveable at the same time!

Only those with a truly trained eye, superhero reflexes and a remarkable glow-in-the-dark vision can master the art of catching the Red Dot. I’ll be honest: it takes practice, hard work and intense determination. Catching the Red Dot is not a skill a newbie can learn overnight. If you are fearless, ambitious and excited to achieve the impossible – one day you just might!

P.S. The Red Dot is not to be confused with other red dots… (flag of Japan, Target logo or the red spot on Jupiter) My research shows those aren’t powered by tuna.

 If you have other helpful strategies, share them in the comments below! Lord Wellington the Cat

Red Dot Mastery: Advice for Cats

Keep a close eye on the flying Red Dot, don’t blink!

1. Play hard to get. For example take a fake nap

Red Dots feed off your attention. They know you love them unconditionally and will use it to their advantage. The more you show your interest, the faster and sneakier the Red Dot will become. It has studied your feline habits and knows you better than the back of its paw. So what do you do to outsmart the Red Dot? You play hard to get! Pretend you’re not interested. Stop chasing. Look out the window. Take a fake nap. Eat some hairballs. Do whatever it takes to show that you don’t have the slightest interest in the Red Dot. It will eventually get bored of waiting for you and approach closer. That’s when you can sneak up and grab it with your teeth!

2. Play Dead or Pretend you’re a zombie

Red Dots like to interact with hyper, energetic kitties. I know it’s hard to resist chasing that thing around the room, but you MUST stay strong and work on your willpower! Play for a a few seconds, stop and pretend you’re so tired, you can barely lift your tail. Stretch out on the carpet, open your mouth and pretend to meow without making any sound. Red Dots get thrown off by silent meowing. They may be clever, but they don’t have the patience for bored or lazy cats! If you’re serious about catching the Red Dot and want to take your game to the next level, play dead! Roll onto your back, put your paws up in the air like a zombie and stick out your tongue … Not only will the Red Dot desperately seek your attention, you might even get a sympathetic belly rub from your favourite human!

3. Power up with a nutritious chicken soup

Red Dots don’t last forever. They are powered by a unique life source called “battery”. This battery lives in a metal spaceship and feeds the Red Dot tuna for energy and survival. The spaceship makes the Red Dot shiny and bright.. that is until the supply of seafood runs out. If you’re on a mission to win the battle against the Red Dot, keep it running around for a long time! You will need a solid dinner and frequent chicken snacks to outlive the spaceship! Keep chasing the Red Dot around the house until the spaceship completely runs out of its tuna supply… eventually the Red Dot will get hungry and disappear! Don’t worry, it will be back! Red Dots, like cats, have 9 (if not more) lives, so it will be back to play again!

Additional tip: Be ready to eat it if it gets close!

Additional tip: Camouflage somewhere the Red Dot won’t see you