I am Agnieszka Nienartowicz and I’m a 26 year old painter based in Poland. I paint oil on canvas realistic paintings depicting people, but the characteristic thing is that I incorporated into them portions of other works from the past eras: in the form of a background, an attribute or as a composite element with the character themselves (even in the form of a painting on the subject’s body).

By appropriating fragments of these works, I establish a kind of dialogue with their authors, transferring the inseparable thought behind those paintings to my own canvas. At the same time, placing them in a completely new context, I deprive them of their original meaning and transform them into an artifact. This ambiguity is what I love.

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‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’

after Hieronymus Bosch

close up

‘Fight For Words’

after Guido Reni

on the easel


after Matthias Grünewald

‘Fight For Words II’

after Hans Memling

‘Killing The Dragon’

after Paolo Uccello

‘A Man’

after the Gutenberg Bible

‘Sword And Olive Branch’

after Hans Memling

work in progress


‘Adoration II’

after Jan van Eyck

close up

work in progress


after Hans Memling


Bombed With Love

inspirated depictions of St. Sebastian

me in the studio

The Garden Of Earthly Delights – painting