We think it’s fair to agree that regardless of where we are, most of us have had our fair share of favorite cartoon characters when we were children back in the day. Hundreds of new cartoons are airing every day all around the world, but some of the older ones still hold a special place in our hearts. Some cartoons even go as far as being popular with several generations of people.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tati MoonS, who is well known for being a self-taught digital artist from Spain. Tati uses her talented hand to turn our favorite cartoon characters into semi-realistic versions of themselves, and that includes famous Disney characters and even characters from Winx Club or Adventure Time.

Bored Panda has previously featured some of MoonS’ works and you can find the first two parts to this series by clicking here, and here.

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The Spanish artist whose full name is Tatiana is a fully self-taught artist. On her official website, the digital artist answers the question more in-depth, "Yes I’m self-taught, I’m learning everything from Youtube videos, tutorials to time-lapses, and watching other artists’ artworks, trying to learn how they paint. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't go to art school! It was just not for me."


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Tatiana's art is really unique, but when it comes to the technical side of things, the digital artist likes to keep it simple. On her website, Tatiana answers her most commonly asked questions. One of them was asking her what kind of mediums she's using for her works.

"I use a Wacom Intuos Art and Paint Tool Sai 2. Brushes are the default ones."


As mentioned previously the artist is fully self-taught when it comes to drawing, but she revealed that what helped her get better at this craft was the fact that she used a lot of references.

"I use references as a guide and never as something I have to copy, but back in the day, I used to do side-by-side paintings (reference on the right, my painting on the left) and use small grids so I made sure my art looked exactly like my reference. That took away lots of freedom so now I hardly do that anymore, but I really recommend the technique if you’re struggling, as it has really helped me."

When it comes to the painting process Tatiana has a routine that she likes to follow.

"I usually sketch with a pen on a notebook whenever I have a new idea. If I like it, then I would take my tablet and start sketching digitally. I just block my idea very roughly and start coloring and shading right after I have something visible. I do not follow any particular order tbh, I just go with the flow if that makes any sense."


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she seems to be a fan of winx cub whatever that is (sry if I offended anyone who loves winx club i just don't know what is is.)

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