Remember the Seattle woman who unfortunately experienced ‘banking while Black?‘ Well, it turns out flying while Black is also an issue, as DC-based music executive Emmit Walker learned just 2 days ago. Thankfully, when a passenger on the same flight as him made racist comments upon seeing him in the ‘priority boarding’ line, he fired back with an absolutely perfect response.

Walker’s story is a sad reminder of the casual instances of racism Black people still encounter during everyday situations, but is also a triumphant example of what happens when the owners of that racism are called out and made a fool of in public.

Scroll down to read everything that happened, and find out why Walker received actual applause from a crowd in the airport, as well as viral applause from the entire Internet.

This is Emmit Walker, a DC-based music executive who just stood up to casual racism in the best way

It all started when he got in line to board a flight, and a fellow passenger tried to cut in front of him

Mic drop! Walker also received a round of applause from the Internet

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