Hello everyone, my name is Stefan Černi and I come from Pula (Croatia). I draw 24/7 so people usually think that there is a group of us working & illustrating behind SteppaART name.

In reality, it’s just me alone – one art freak with a lot of inspiration & concentration, obsessed with patterns, doodles, dots & lines. I’m here to present my art project called “Pure Inspiration” and have been doing these for a few years now.

My style of drawing combines multiple techniques of illustrating with great attention to details and free expression – mostly black&white. Direction of expression is not determined, but reflects various inner feelings and personal views channeling them on paper and sometimes leaves the viewer the freedom to interpret. Symbolism, nature, surrealism, biomechanics, mandalas and so on are some of the themes.

Most of the works are unusual and unique in its own way leaving a lasting impression of observers and forces to think deeper. Illustrations that instantly catch an eye – the expression of the artist to tell his story in a special way, leaving the impression of merging different dimensions of imagination and freedom. These illustrations are made on paper and drawn with black uni pen. It took me a lot of hours to finish them.

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Great Owl


Expression of the Soul

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien 1892- 1973 One Ring