Recently, the royal family of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has shared something their most dedicated fans have been waiting the whole year. Yesterday, The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust posted the family’s first Christmas card featuring their son Archie.The black and white photograph shows Megan and Harry in the background smiling while their son, placed in the center of the photo, adorably gazes right into the camera.

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Even though Christmas cards usually feature bright and warm colors, it’s not the first time the couple opted for something a bit different.

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The family’s Christmas card from last year was also monochrome, and featured a photo taken at their wedding reception at Frogmore House on the 19th of May. The couple also released their card electronically to be more eco-friendly.

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The majority of people loved the card. Many of them were left in awe of how cute little Archie is. People couldn’t believe how much the 7-month-old baby has changed, so one fan made a comparison photo. However, after some careful investigation, people began claiming that the photo could be badly photoshopped. A few Twitter users pointed out that while everything in the background is blurred including Harry’s face, Megan’s face is in focus. While is it unclear whether it was a mistake or not, some people were not happy with the result.

Here’s how people reacted to the Christmas card

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