Being pregnant during a pandemic, I feel angry, sad, and scared 😞

I grieve because I pictured this miracle pregnancy being so different. The uncertainty about what the future holds and how the birth of my sweet baby will be. Will my husband be by my side? Will my support system be with me? Will my daughter be allowed to visit her baby sister at the hospital? Will I be alone? Will this pandemic go away? Will family and friends be able to come visit to meet our sweet bundle?

I feel robbed from showing off my bump to friends and family. I feel robbed from sharing doctor appointments with my husband. I feel robbed from merely popping into a store to purchase cute baby items. I feel robbed from possibly not having a baby shower. I feel robbed of experiencing a normal pregnancy.

Mamas our feelings during this extraordinary yet terrifying time in our lives are indeed validated you are not alone ❤

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