I'm sure you know by now that cats have an amazing capability to fit in incredibly tight spaces. I have always been a fan of this phenomenon so I decided to create this challenge for all of us to enjoy.

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The rules are very simple:

1. Find a picture of your cat in 'if I fits I sits' situation;

2. Post it here;

3. Vote and comment on other submissions and, most importantly, have fun!

#2 If I Sorta Fits... I Sits

If I Sorta Fits... I Sits

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Art of Galom 2 years ago

What should they be thinking, these cats!!! Lol

#4 Cat-bucket



jetmastergames 2 years ago

-- !BREAKING NEWS! -- scientists have bred an entirely liquid cat (exhibit A)

#10 Take Me Out To Lunch

Take Me Out To Lunch


Awkward dog 2 years ago

Awe! I don't know if he/she is or not but she looks like part minx! Such a beautiful cat!

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#12 Quadruple Sits

Quadruple Sits


Alexandra Lee 1 year ago

I almost missed the little black one