I buy old and kitschy porcelain figurines from flee markets and turn them into zombies. I love the clash between the cute (and boring) and the gruesome!

I’ve seen them abandoned at flee markets for years and I always felt a little sad when I saw them. They had been a loved stylish (well…) piece in someones home. Maybe bought on a trip in a country far, far away or received as a gift from a grandparent. And when the owner dies or decides they have a more edgy style as a grown up, the figurines end up at flee markets. I just had to do something with them! Give them a second life.

I love the unexpected and when well known objects are turned into something completely different. It’s such a great surprise!

More info: thimgren.tictail.com

I love Bambi! For lunch…

Re-painted old porcelain figurine.

Bloody groovy jam session my dear.

Lost a hand and ate someone but still feeling romantic.

Haydn, you bastard! You were supposed to teach me, not BITE me!

Bloody hell, home team is killing us!

Big juicy rabbit

A choir boy with a taste for braaaains