Pit bulls and other similar breeds, such as American Bully, often get a bad reputation these days. Some people claim that all of these dogs are dangerous, and the media often portrays them as aggressive. Luckily, one police officer from Texas, who responded to a scary dog call gave the benefit of the doubt to a large, muscular American Bully he encountered.

When officer Travis Frost arrived at the call location, he saw a tan-colored large American Bully dog chilling on someone’s porch. Even though this pooch looked intimidating to the caller, the responding officer immediately realized that the animal in question was just a big lap dog. As a precaution, Frost left his car door open before approaching, in case he needed to jump back in real fast. The officer whistled to the presumably dangerous dog, and he happily ran to the policeman, wagging his tail. It turns out, and the dog wasn’t vicious at all. Frost patted the dog and snapped some photos when the good boy jumped into his patrol car. “He went right up to the patrol unit, jumped in the front seat and just made himself at home,” he said. The officer called an animal shelter who helped to find the dogs owner. This furry buddy was back at home within 24 hours.

People praised Frost for doing a good deed and not making any rash decisions. “While you should always be careful around any dog that you don’t know, you shouldn’t automatically assume that all pit bulls are bad dogs,” Frost explained. “They might be really loving like this guy was this morning.”Scroll down below to see this amazing companion dog for yourself!

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Officer Travis Frost from Texas responded to vicious dog call and encountered a large American Bully

Even though this pooch looked intimidating, the responding officer realized that the animal was just a big softy

Frost called animal control officers and snapped some photos with the dog as he waited for them to arrive

The police department’s post gathered a lot of attention from fellow dog lovers and went viral

People praised Frost for doing a good deed and not making any rash decisions

Others shared similar encounters they had