Texas-based artist Lauren creates Pokeball Terrariums, but don't think they're somehow easier to catch than Pokemon you see on your smartphone screen. With over 100 waiting in the queue to order a Poke terrarium, Lauren says the demand is huge and as for now, she simply can't keep up with it.

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"Sorry if they are all sold out - I cant can't keep up with the demand. I sell out instantly right after uploading them..." writes Lauren on her Etsy shop 'TheVintageRealm'. So try your luck, but don't expect to catch them all!

#1 Pikachu


The Vintage Realm Report

Haley Magnani 1 year ago

These look amazing!

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#2 Dragonair


The Vintage Realm Report

Lorraine 1 year ago

This one is my favorite! Dragonair always looks so elegant, and the crystals really add simplicity and grace.

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#4 Charizard


The Vintage Realm Report

Mady Rada 1 year ago

get me out of here!

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#5 Flareon


The Vintage Realm Report

Kahlo Smith 1 year ago

I'd love to see one with all the eeveelutions (it would be a lot of work though)!

#8 Jolteon


The Vintage Realm Report

Lilypug2 1 year ago

Jolteon's my fave he always looks so brave and strong and a bit like a fox 🐺

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