In her “Plastic Classics” series, British artist Jane Perkins uses almost anything she can find – buttons, plastic toys, LEGO pieces, etc. – to re-create recognizable iconic paintings like DaVinci’s Mona Lisa and portraits of stars like Albert Einstein and Nelson Mandela. Although she has her artistic roots in textile work, she works almost exclusively with plastic parts.

Each portrait or “painting” she has created, when inspected close up, reveals a miniature textured world of forgotten knick-knacks, somewhat like an impressionist painting.

By creating her work from found objects, her works not only make a strong and important statement about our mass-consumption society, they also join a long line of other awesome artists we’ve covered on Bored Panda who have also created amazing works from found or recycled objects. Edouard Martinet’s amazing retro insect sculptures, Susan Beatrice’s elegant recycled watch part sculptures, and the amazing textile flora and fauna of Mr. Finch are all excellent examples of what an artist can do when they out their mind to reducing the amount of waste we create.

Source: | (via: mymodernmet)