I started painting 4 years ago, having never picked a brush up before in my life. I’ve had no training but right from the start I found that I could paint (it’s hard to explain!). These photos and video show the creation of my latest painting.

The painting was completed over a period of 3 months and took over 350 hours to paint, there are over 14,000 individually painted pebbles, also I painted every blade of grass and flower. At the moment I can only paint in my spare time (which I now spend all of painting!) and I’m hoping to be able to paint full time at some point in the future.

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The smaller house

Close up of the grasses

Some of the 14,000 pebbles

The initial drawing stage

Working on the large telegraph pole

The large telegraph pole detail

Finishing the small house

Close up of the car

The small Volvo lettering is less than 1mm

Working on the grasses

Just about finished

My thumb shows the scale of this detail

The smallest details on the horizon

The final painting

Video showing the creation of the painting