Child Photo Competition is an international photo community devoted to discovering and promoting the most talented child photographers from all over the world.

Every month, we run monthly themed contest and they are free of charge. In November 2015, we organized "Children and animals" photo contest.

This was the most popular monthly contest so far. The number of submitted photos exceeded all our expectations. Enjoy the gallery of TOP 40 "Children And Animals"!

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#9 Elena Paraskeva, Cyprus

Elena Paraskeva, Cyprus Report

MPaulaWhelan 1 year ago

Beautifully composed - the scene, the girl, the goat.

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#10 Lisa Holloway, Usa

Lisa Holloway, Usa Report

judit vagnoni 1 year ago

The children and the animals to have one thing in common:authenticity.

#16 Julie Whelan, Uk

Julie Whelan, Uk Report

NiamhMcKinney 1 year ago

My favorite! Reminds me of my dog, she follows us everywhere

#18 Egle Ruth, Usa

Egle Ruth, Usa Report

TammyChapman 1 year ago

Two thumbs up on this one. Beautiful.