Did you know that horses can be funny on purpose? Or have you ever experience a mother's love for her newborn foal? As we humans horses feel love, want to take care of each other and also can be very mean or even cruel sometimes. But exactly this is what I like about them: They are a composition of opposites.

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Horses taught me how to be brave, how to be soft but also when it's time to stop playing nice. After feeling stuck for many years in a job I didn't like I had the courage to follow my dream to become a professional equine photographer. The last couple of years I spent creating a personal homage to these incomparable creatures including all their beautiful imperfections and inspiring rawness. Since then I met over 300 horses. There were new and old souls, all of them unique in their character traits and I even witnessed the wonder of birth. I saw the exhaustless fighting spirit within some of them which gave me more strength to hold on to this dream. I saw families being created and torn apart, I've met horses who were older than myself and had to say goodbye to many of them while death took them away. Each person who owns a horse will agree to me that those animals have an extraordinary way to show their feelings. That's where I put my focus on.

I hope to inspire people to see beyond their plain beauty - because there's more to them than just facile looks. For centuries their souls had the power to lit fire in ours for whatever our hearts beat for and I hope to continue this magical ritual through my work.

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Photographer Shows Rare Horse Moments And Captures Their Unique Character


Rocha 1 year ago

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Photographer Shows Rare Horse Moments And Captures Their Unique Character


Kaimanawa 1 year ago

That is soooooo cute!!!!