She’s called Rhea, he’s called Cronus.

You have below the work of the photographer Eddy Dagher, in collaboration with Make-Up Artist Raph Métamorphose, with the greek gods depicted by models Juliana Lehe and Roland Cedric. This method of flourecent body painting mirrors an advanced technique by using the play of light. The author expresses a love story between two afro bodies. This incredible series of flourecent body-paintings in black light shows a fun side, overflowing with energies. Here, we have a paradox: Landscapes are painted on the models with colors depicting veins reflecting a somewhat futuristic vibe (yet the love story told is of old) that is increasingly reflected in African art. In this small series of pictures, Eddy wanted to represent the love of two Greek deities. Rhea and Cronus, the famous Titans are the parents of the greeks gods Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, Ades …

A surreal composition on fluo body-paint but an original, romantic and classic take on greek mythology.

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