Summer is officially here, and along with it, colors and sunshine—these winners of PX3 bring us joy through their lenses and immense talent for capturing breathtaking photos. The photography competition is open until the 15th of June to professional and amateur/student photographers worldwide!

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Like Leaves

Like Leaves Shares stats

Bronze in Nature/Trees

"Coming to Dresden, I noticed trees against the background of oilseed called rape—they looked like leaves from afar."

By Dominika Koszowska

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Gold in Nature/Seasons

"The light emission of fireflies that can only be seen in Japan's limited mountains was shot with comparative synthesis.

The flash of these fireflies is very fast and beautiful.

I look forward to the light of this firefly every year."

By Naoya Yoshida

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Weaving The Fishnet

Weaving The Fishnet Shares stats

Silver in Press/Travel/Tourism

Xiapu China, located in the northeastern part of Fujian Province, is the oldest county in eastern Fujian. By Xiapu's long coastline, shallow sea, sandy beaches, and beautiful mudflats, in a small fishing village, a fisherman is weaving a fishnet.

By Sarah Wouters

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Heart Wide Open

Heart Wide Open Shares stats

Bronze in Nature/Underwater

Photographed on a single breath at great depths. Intimate moments captured with animals in their natural habitat behaving freely, not disturbed by surrounding boats or scuba bubbles.

By Charlotte Piho

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San Salvatore

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Gold in Portraiture/Other, Gold in Press/General News, 1st Place winner in Portraiture

"These are the doctors and nurses of the Intensive Care Unit—San Salvatore Hospital in Pesaro, Italy, the city of my birth and where I once again reside, and which from day one has sadly been at the top of the COVID-19 contagion and death charts. I photographed them at the end of their shifts—twelve hours without a break during their fight in an unequal war. In the deep imprints left by their protective masks, I found a symbol of their sacrifice, but above all, I found evidence of the pain, fear, and helplessness of standing before an unknown enemy."

By Alberto Giuliani

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Taiwan's First Ba Jia Jiang Eighth Generals

Taiwan's First Ba Jia Jiang Eighth Generals Shares stats

Bronze in Press/People/Personality

Mr. Xu Mingzhong, a rice dumplings master, has played Ba Jia Jiang since he was 12 years old. He is the most famous performer in Taiwan.

By Chin-Fa Tzeng

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Last Garden Of Eden

Last Garden Of Eden Shares stats

Bronze in Nature/Underwater
As light pierces through the trees, mystical sunbeams surround a brightly pink colored sea fan. It creates a magical and a surreal underwater forest, teeming with life and colours. Coral reefs are at the forefront of climate change, if we don’t act now they may be lost forever. I want to shed light on the beauty and importance of coral reefs as the underwater forests of our planet.
By Kevin De Vree

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camlynn1234 avatar
Miss Frankfurter
Community Member
2 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

We are losing so many. I hope these photos don't turn out to be the only way future generations get to see them.


Way To Get Water

Way To Get Water Shares stats

Gold in Press/Nature/Environmental

According to United Nations statistics, there are more than 100 countries and regions in the world in need of water for daily use, 43 of which suffer from severe water shortages that threaten the survival of 2 billion people, mainly in Africa and the Middle East, where water is the source of life. In Dry and dry areas, I show people's thirst for water and cherish the imagination, so through this series of photos, remind the world to cherish water resources to protect the environment.

By Shi Chen Ren

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Star Tracks

Star Tracks Shares stats

Silver in Special/Night Photography

These images are still time-lapses and day-to-night projects that started before sunset and finally ended about dawn due to the camera's batteries being exhausted.

By Craig Bill

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Gold Autumn

Gold Autumn Shares stats

Bronze in Nature/Seasons

The shepherd and sheep under populus euphratica trees have a mysterious atmosphere. The naturally grown populus euphratica has freestyle and sturdy branches.

By Gerry Chiang

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The Eye Of The Earth

The Eye Of The Earth Shares stats

Silver in Nature/Earth

Yellowstone National Park - Grand Prismatic Spring's colors match most of those seen in the rainbow. It gives people a feeling that it's the eye and the origin of the earth.

By Qidong Lin

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marcyvernon avatar
Community Member
2 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

I didn't know how big this was until I noticed the people!

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The Road To Cemetery Bay

The Road To Cemetery Bay Shares stats

Gold in Advertising/Fashion, 1st Place winner in Advertising

Retro Fashion Love story.

Alwyn is an award-winning photographer, shooting fashion and celebrity portraits. He's published in the book Silver Footprint, a fantastic set of photographs from some of the world's greatest photographers. In a charity book, Hidden Gems, 25 of Britain's leading photographers take 100 shots of famous individuals.

His image of Jerry Hall was included in her "life in pictures" book and chosen for the cover with Norman Parkinson on the back cover.

By Alwyn Coates

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Colored Underworld

Colored Underworld Shares stats

Gold in Architecture/Interior, 1st Place winner in Architecture

Colored Underworld is about to show the beauty of these underground facilities through the dynamics of the colors, and to decouple them from your builder, operators, and users.

By Peter Plorin

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Seeds & Spices Solar System

Seeds & Spices Solar System Shares stats

Gold in Advertising/Food

A personal exploration into macro photography and focus stacking.

By Gareth Morgans

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The Irish Travelers, A Forgotten People

The Irish Travelers, A Forgotten People Shares stats

Gold in Portraiture/Culture, 1st Place winner in Portraiture

These series of images reflect my personal interactions with the Travelers I met at various halting sites, and illegal encampments in Galway and Limerick, outside of Dublin, and at the annual horse fair in Ballinasloe.
I first encountered the Irish Travelers through a photographic trip to Killaloe, County Clare. Although they have a savory reputation for violence and criminal behavior, I found them to be generally friendly, approachable and tragically misunderstood. I think it’s important to document the Travelers as we know them today, to collect a photographic record of a unique people.

By Rebecca Moseman

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Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding Shares stats

Gold in Portraiture/Wedding

In preparation for the wedding, the bride sits and ponders.

By Yaz Media Production

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Begins A Scar

Begins A Scar Shares stats

Gold in Fine Art/People, 1st Place winner in Fine Art

Begins a Scar is an art project I created for my galleries to exhibit. The work depicts the hurtful names and labels that are put on people daily. With the new Trump administration came a new breed of person in America that felt they have the right to use these racist slurs and labels to demean anyone that was not WASP. These labels are hurtful to the receiver to the point it breaks down their confidence and morale and often leads to suicide. The Installation was also accompanied by a poem from Poet Lorient, Patricia Smith.

By Sandro Miller

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Girl With Wild Flowers Nr.2

Girl With Wild Flowers Nr.2 Shares stats

Bronze in Fine Art/People
When nature flourishes, so do we—this portrait uncovers beauty and wholeness and silence.
By Saskia Wagenvoort

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Travel By Camels

Travel By Camels Shares stats

Gold in Press/Travel/Tourism

People In Wahiba Desert used to travel by camels to move from one place to another in the middle of the deserts of the Sultanate of Oman and the people are proud of it so far as a kind of beautiful heritage.

By Samir Albusaidi

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Sky Poetry

Sky Poetry Shares stats

Silver in Nature/Sky

A skyscape at sunset or sunrise time is poetry for eyes, written by clouds and colored light. Blurred images enhance the abstraction to give the impression of a dream vision.

By Stefano Degli Esposti

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Flying Boys

Flying Boys Shares stats

Gold in Special/Smartphone Photography, 2nd Place winner in Special

Shot in Varanasi, India.

By Dimpy Bhalotia

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Under The Rainbow

Under The Rainbow Shares stats

Silver in Special/Smartphone Photography

A memorable day, ending under the rainbow

By Siar Umut Yildirim

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Story Of Tree Family

Story Of Tree Family Shares stats

Gold in Nature/Trees, Gold in Special/Others “Special”, 1st Place winner in Special

Trees that don't look real (Surreal).

The tree family story of the Sumba sea.

I want to talk through this tree family.

Human beings are hugged by their parents when they are born.

But this tree cannot hug a child born from its roots.

Yet they are happy

They can always look to each other and pray

Modern people are too busy to meet their families.

But don't forget your family like trees that always look at each other and pray.

By Suk Eun Kim

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Hunter River Sunset

Hunter River Sunset Shares stats

Silver in Nature/Sunsets

Abandoned jetty taken on Hunter River North Arm during sunset at Fern Bay, a community that is situated on the outskirts of Newcastle, New South Wales (NSW), Australia.

By Volker Birke

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High Key Hummingbirds

High Key Hummingbirds Shares stats

Bronze in Nature/Wildlife

A series of simple high-key images of Guadeloupe hummingbirds.

By Jacques-André Dupont

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camlynn1234 avatar
Miss Frankfurter
Community Member
2 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

What a beautiful picture. Always wonderful to see these beautiful little birds.

See Also on Bored Panda

Morning Catch

Morning Catch Shares stats

Bronze in Press/Travel/Tourism

Early morning in Mandalay, Myanmar.

By Vlad Kutsey

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Murmurations Shares stats

Gold in Nature/Sky, 1st Place winner in Nature

Starling murmurations form abstract landscapes in the sky in a sublime musical rhythm. Tens of thousands of starlings fly in swooping, intricately coordinated patterns. This ballet is executed as a perfect choreography, the birds manage uncertainty while also maintaining consensus. Starlings accomplish this by paying attention to a fixed number of their neighbors in the flock, regardless of flock density — seven, to be exact. In following this role of seven, the birds are part of a dynamic system in which the parts combine to make a whole with emergent properties — and murmuration results.

Johannes Bosgra (b. 1979, NL) has traveled to the most desolate places on earth from a young age to create his contemplative work, from Antarctica to Alaska. He is selected as GUP New Dutch Photography Talent 2020. Bosgra explores the links between classical music and visual art. He has collaborated with composers and musicians such as Philip Glass, Maarten van Veen, Ralph van Raat, and Feico Deutekom to create gesamtkunstwerk of visual art and classical music. Bosgras work has been exhibited internationally in a.o. Miami, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

By Johannes Bosgra

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camlynn1234 avatar
Miss Frankfurter
Community Member
2 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

I have them near my house and I get to watch them. It's beautiful. I know it's really spring when my side yard is covered with them eating what I don't know, but it's every spring. My cat goes nuts looking out the window!

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A Day Of Coal Miner

A Day Of Coal Miner Shares stats

Gold in Advertising/Annual Reports, Silver in Portraiture/Personality, 2nd Place winner in Advertising
Push the trolley into the pit, push the trolley full of carbon to the miners, strengthen the tunnel's safety, repair the coal mining equipment, and then rest. Although the coal miners worked hard, they always wear a resolute smile. A day for a coal miner is the epitome of our ordinary lives.
By Chin-Fa Tzeng

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Garden Flowers

Garden Flowers Shares stats

Gold in Nature/Flowers
Each Botanical image is a plant that I have grown in my garden. I wanted to produce images that would capture the one essential thing that compelled me to want to look at that plant a second time. Each final image is a combination of both multiple scans and multiple camera data. Some photographs contain over 50 single images.
By Anne Mason-Hoerter

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Waiting For The Tide To Turn

Waiting For The Tide To Turn Shares stats

Gold in Fine Art/Other

"The Waiting for the Tide to Turn series farcically explores the emotions of disenfranchised people. The images allude to a spectrum of thoughts, feelings, and actions ranging from apathy and subservience to enlightenment and rebellion. The series envisages the realization that individualism is the weakness and only as a collective can they begin to turn the tide.

As the series progresses it becomes less implicit with chronologically ordered events on T-Day (Turning Day). The T-Day image depicts someone more able to cope with the toxic environment rescuing those less equipped to cope.

It was whilst studying photography at the University of Wolverhampton UK that I found my passion for conceptual photography. My work draws on personal experience and a natural inquisitiveness in human behavior.

I construct (often building sets in the studio) a series of work from a concept or I will see images in everyday life that speak volumes to me. Whichever method of construction I use, I intend the images to be multi-layered and engage the viewer thoughtfully and aesthetically."

By Gary Sheridan

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