How does a day look like in one of the most populated city in the world? I explored Hong Kong and invite you on this journey.

“The streets present opportunities, you just need to let the streets inspire you. “

Lady skipping through a traffic crossing

Mandatory selfie in the life of our rented apartment

Iconic Hong Kong red and yellow taxi

Typical Cafe in Hong Kong

The juxtaposition of the old and the modern in so many different facets.

In between these few apartments you can easily spot scaffolding constructed of bamboo poles, with giant nettings over them obscuring eyes peering from outside.

By tilting your head slightly upwards and focusing your eyes in the distance, you can see the bright white shimmering sun reflecting from thousands of spotless windows on giant concrete columns with belittling air of superiority.  

You see a young lady in formal business wear sporting Prada shades lugging a designer leather bag skipping her way to a cab and the next moment, you are fiercely ‘shoo-ed’ off by an elderly lady with a trolley full of black trash bags as you apologetically make your way across the narrow streets. 

Luigi, is that you?

Street tram that costs around HK $2.30 (flat fare). It’s so darn close my tripod almost became a bipod amputee…

For tram, the passengers board at the back and exit from the front. 

If you’re feeling rich, you can always hop onto the shiny cabs. 

Office worker making his way through the sea of iconic red taxis & trying his best to not inhale the car exhaust. 

Trolley actions everywhere!

On one particular morning it started drizzling, and then the rain got a little heavy. We were excited and thankful for the opportunity to see the city in a different light, one with umbrellas and raindrops. 

Yellow raincoat goes really well with the yellow stripes of the crossing.

Hong Kong people sure do love their cigarettes.