I am Iza-Bella from Bulgaria and I study photography, that’s how I have captured HANDS, actually, it was a task. I get inspired by my teacher of art- M.Popova, she gave to its students this project with hands in the New Bulgarian University.

I took the chiromancy of hands so that you can see the different lines in every hand. Reveal by yourself the traces of the professional skills of everybody in the photos.

How people’s hand look like nobody have such an interest, but in fact, hand is a very interesting part of the body, isn’t it… 

”God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with.” Billy Graham

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alpinist, men, 42years

plumber, men, 60years

carpenter, men, 60years

typographer, men, 63years

movie director , men , 58years

songwriter of popfolk songs, men, 53 years

banker, men, 43years

nuclear physicist, men, 59years

barmaid, women, 54years

ethnologist, men, 61years

waiter, men, 52years

chef, women, 45years

taxi driver, men, 52years

coaching wrestling, men, 40years

Agronomy, women, 70 years