Austria is best known for Vienna and Salzburg, very beautiful cities indeed, but there’s another side to it and I will show it to you through the pictures I’ve taken along the past few years while traveling. Enjoy! 

The High Alpine Road

About 2500 meter altitude – not the usual altitude for a road, I know. But it’s definitely a road you need to drive on. Almost 50km of ups and downs, curves and breathtaking panoramas connecting the state of Salzburg with Carinthia.

The Green Lake

The Green Lake is a meltwater lake situated in Styria. It dramatically changes its size and form from season to season, and its color ranges from turquoise to emerald green. Also the water is crystal clear and ice cold :)

Lower Gosau Lake

One of the three lakes in Gosau, Salzkammergut. Breathtaking view, mountains all around and you can also see the Dachstein Glacier, which provides the meltwater that the lakes are made of. The water is pretty cold and very mysterious, emerald green and very clear, although very dark where the water gets deeper.

Middle Gosau Lake

This part of the Gosau Lake is actually like a swamp, the size of it and the depth of the water depend on the season and on the weather conditions, the water is mostly very clear and has a vivid light green color.

Upper Gosau Lake

After you’ve seen the first two lakes and walked for about 2 hours you will be facing this view. This lake is teal and makes you feel pretty isolated, however you’ll be closer to the glacier and the view is just astonishing.

The Dachstein Glacier

And that’s how it looks when you’re a..little closer. It reaches 2995m altitude and is the highest mountain in Styria. Fun fact (or not) you can see it rising from the Gosau lakes…but if you wish to be on it, you’ll be looking at a 100km drive (that’s if you’ll be taking a gondola) ..

Lake Fuschl

Not far from Salzburg – another beautiful lake situated between the mountains. The water is very clean and you can mostly see the stones on the bottom. I met a lot of ducks, swans or other birds while sunbathing on the side :D

Lake Zell

It takes its name from the city Zell am See in the Salzburg region, a small town with old streets and buildings, populated mostly during the wintertime, because of the winter sports attractions in the area.

The High Alpine Road

This amazing destination deserves a second post. It’s a marmots wonderland and you can see the highest mountain in Austria: the Grossglockner. Everywhere you’ll look you will be amazed!!


I hope it’s not the first time you hear this can’t come to Austria and not see Hallstatt. Seriously! Big mountains, a beautiful lake and the cutest village with wooden houses build on top of each other (at least it looks this way) – I don’t know what it is about this place, but it’s magical.

Lake Achen

133m depth. That’s right: pretty but deep. You’ll find this one in Tyrol, hidden between the mountains. Do I have to tell you that its color is superb?


The Austrian picturesque countryside. Eidenberg in Upper Austria is just one of the many places of this kind.


I know it’s nothing like the other places I showed you, because it’s a big city…but have you seen it from a hill right before the sunrise? Thought so.. btw, that’s the Danube :D


Captured this a the end of the summer, you can already see the colors of the leaves changing. Situated in Upper Austria, it’s the last lake you’ll see before you’ll reach Hallstatt.

Lake Wolfgang

This is an old picture I’ve taken…but I wanted you to see the resemblance between this lake in Salzkammergut and some exotic places around the world. From other viewing points it looks totally different (mountains everywhere, duh!), maintaining its color. The quality of the water is…well you can drink it :)). I also think it looks a lot like Lake Atter, the largest in the region.

Krimml Waterfalls

Located in the area of Salzburg with a total of 380m height, you can walk for over 4km reaching the altitude of 1460m on the side of these beautiful waterfalls.


Autumn at Klammsee in the area of Salzburg. Its color is what makes it special: a solid turquoise, looking like paint..

Kaprun Dam

This dam is 120m high and 357m long located at 1672m altitude and it’s followed by a second dam which has almost the same size and is located at over 2000m altitude. Both of them are colossal and make you feel very tiny and both of them are filled guessed it – beautiful turquoise water!