I am Octavian Mielu – a 26-year-old graphic artist from Bucharest, Romania. This is my new Indiegogo crowd-funding project ‘Personalities Smoke Posters’.

These are 10 portraits of iconic personalities I drew in my own smoke style. I chose smoke because I like the way it looks, it doesn’t have defined edges and the combination of black and gray looks amazing. The posters are elegant and should suite any home decor. Before the start of this project, I searched all over the internet and couldn’t find anything similar.

I use different smoke photos and techniques that merge perfectly to manipulate misty impressions of iconic public figures and create striking portraits.

More info: indiegogo.com

Marilyn Monroe

Albert Einstein

Abraham Lincoln

Bob Marley

Che Guevara

Jimi Hendrix

The Joker

Mickey Mouse

Michael Jackson

Steve Jobs