There are some of my illustrations I did for myself. I mostly draw them in between my jobs.

I work as an storyboard artist most of the time. As you probably know – working in advertising is a hectic job with lots of tight deadlines. So I’m doing these characters just for fun, taking as much time as I want.

I just try to capture someone I saw walking on the street or in a bar. This is also a great way for me to try out new brushes and things.

More info: | Behance

Huge overweight people with little bikes are always worth drawing.

Believe it or not, this is a neighbor from my old neighborhood.

Give mum a scare

Started with the mustache and worked my way around it.

Trying out a hairbrush.

Parents kissing…YUCK

This is what can come out of drawing and doodling for fun. Art director picked up on the characters and hired me to do some pretty fast sketches for a commercial job.


Another birthday portrait.


This one is actually part of an assignment.

My fake flies, my pudding.

Frank Debrin

I try some caricatures once in a while.

Children illustration

I’ve got all sort of projects in progress. This is a style test for a children story I’m working on.

7inch single cover design