When you have to go, you have to go. And when you can’t, you want to even more. Weng Chen (aka Messy Cow) just illustrated the time she got caught in this vicious cycle. Her comic is intense, vivid, and so painfully real, you almost feel the struggle, too.

To our delight, we at Bored Panda featured quite a few strips by the universally beloved artist. These include the difference between having the first vs. second child and the painful ways in which a 2-year-old can hurt you.

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Even though it’s about a person’s bodily functions, this comic doesn’t seem yucky or inappropriate. Just like the fart guide Weng created earlier. “It’s only gross if you think it’s gross and I didn’t think so,” the artist told Bored Panda. “It can happen to anyone.”

Some internet users questioned why didn’t she pee in the forests surrounding the apartment complex. “They were further away in real life,” Weng explained. “I couldn’t take my daughter with me or leave her in the car for that long.”

“[Also,] I’ve been told that even the adult-size diaper wouldn’t have worked. So keep at least 3 with you, and a plastic bag.”

In the end, she doesn’t regret peeing in her car. “It’s a small incident and didn’t cost much.” For anyone who can’t get past some dreadful memories, Weng suggests taking full responsibility and just try to do the right thing in the future.